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Body Wisdom Maungawhai

Private Clinic Consultations

Full Body Assessment Identifying the imbalances in the physical, mental and emotional body to release shock, tension, toxin or trauma. Using muscle testing techniques to bypass your standard responses of the conscious mind a Body Wisdom consultation will offer you the link to your own unique body communication.

D.I.Y Foundations

Your body wisdom affects every aspect of our lives: our self-esteem, confidence, our personal and intimate relationships, our performance, and accomplishments at school or work. Learn to understand and connect with your Unique Self to transform all aspects of your life, work or play. The self directed essential tools for improving your quality of life.

Learn Kinesiology Touch for Health® (TFHK)

Learn a body wisdom communication tool. TFH is Internationally certified training in the basics of Muscle Testing. It is the most widely used system of kinesiology in the world.

Public Speaker Empowering Teams

Presenting to your Retreat, Workplace, Sports Group, Classroom a conversation that empowers the individual uniqueness to create success, wellness and improve team relationships.

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