Body Wisdom Self-Discovery Foundations

DIY Kinsesiology

Learn simple tools to create a new version of you

Our pain, suffering, anxiety and uncertainty is  something we can alleviate by learning these simple tools. Take your healing power into your own hands, learn the tools to lead your self to the root cause of your own pain, confusion or stress to release and create a new lighter brighter curious version of you. Learn the simply DIY foundations to activate the growth mindset to build the platform for the life you want. 

A profound training program for you, your team, or your family.  Learn to understand and connect with inner critic to manifest a unique confident self.

Body Wisdom Kinesiology

How does Body Wisdom work?

This Body Wisdom Tool is all about the empowering you to take the lead in your own life. We teach you to connect to your innate unique body wisdom, reconnecting you with your positive thoughts, beliefs, and values, to embrace the power of curiosity to create freedom and fun in your life. You will learn to negotiate the inner voice, shape its direction and transform the behaviors in your life.

Some examples of what you can achieve

Release habitual cycles of self abuse created by unhelpful / unwanted / self-sabotaging patterns

Effect positive  life changes in self-esteem & confidence

Release anxiety, phobias, fears

Reduce stress  and how to manage yourself to  create new response behaviours. 

Improve your internal self-communication 

Become aware of your own Body Wisdom knowledge

Experience increased joy and mental clarity

Learn to support yourself on your healing journey

Improve your sports performance

Create an improved sense of self maintainable wellness

Learn Kinesiology

Learning Options

Online Zoom Sessions,  Get in touch to register your interest.

Become part of the Body Wisdom Community and Reconnect with your True Self