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Body Wisdom Maungawhai

Life’s experiences deposit their tension deep into our bodies. This leaves us physically, mentally, energetically and emotionally depleted.

Our body movement becomes a reflection of this tension. When you unlock these subconscious tension points you naturally relax on a subconscious level, which activates deep release through your entire body. Muscles, organs, tissues and your cellular structures begin to communicate more efficiently. 

Would you like to improve your health, relieve tension or pain, remove unwanted habits and self limiting beliefs, develop new patterns, create a positive thought process, increase your energy and learn what is needed to sustain and enhance all aspects of your life.

Belief Systems

Body Energy Reading

Body Energy Reader

Using kinesiology I teach you to start taking more self responsibility and explore your inner world as the place to transform from.

Ki·ne·si·ol·o·gy is a holistic healing technique that uses "Muscle Testing" to access any stressors that are limiting wellness and the innate healing processes. Together with my therapeutic toolbox of techniques we effectively address this stressor so you can grow and connect to your inner power.

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