Learn Fundamentals of Kinesiology (EMK or TFHK))

(EMK) Emotions & Metaphysical Kinesiology - Kineasy Intro Course

At this two day Kineasy Intro Course you will learn the fundamentals of kinesiology in a hands-on practical environment with a simple and easy to understand kinesiology setup and muscle testing process. It is a beginners course and also the first step to becoming a Certified Emotions & Metaphysical Kinesiology Practitioner.

A eye opening weekend in Magical Mangawhai, learning a fabulous communication tool to connect, support and empower your best self.  By the end of this course you will be thrilled that you are able to confidently, comfortably, accurately muscle test and you will be facilitating your first mini kinesiology balance with lots of fun natural remedies such as crystals, essential oils, flower essences, sound and colour.

Emotions and Metaphysical Kinesiology courses place a strong emphasis on the emotional significance behind the stresses held within the body & mind.

We learn to integrate energy techniques from the east and west, to achieve a holistic awareness and balance of mind, emotion and energy. Metaphors of Elements/Meridians/Chakras/Auras & more inspire illumination and amplify innate body wisdom balancing. 

Be inspired to tap into your body and your body’s needs when you learn self-testing. Leave feeling inspired and supported on your path to becoming a Certified Emotions and Metaphysical Kinesiology Practitioner or to share this with friends & family.

Prerequisite: None – everyone welcome 🙂 | Investment: $715 inc. GST | Certified: 27 hours

Next Intake Dates: July 1st - 2nd 2022 & October 28th - 29th 2022.

What you will Learn/Course Content. 

  • What is Kinesiology and muscle reflex testing?
  • What Kinesiology may assist you with and the benefits of Kinesiology
  • Accurate indicator muscle reflex testing – standing & lying (ie. how to muscle test!)
  • Circuit locating and challenging
  • Neuro-lymphatic reflex points
  • Neuro-vascular reflex points
  • Muscle reflex testing pre-checks (Hydration, Central Meridian Energy, Brain Switching Points, Body Polarity, Ionisation, Thymus Energy)
  • Inhibited (over-facilitated) muscles, plus how to correct these
  • Indicator change of an indicator muscle
  • Skills and techniques to communicate and connect openly and genuinely with your client to build trust, open up their heart and allow them to feel (which is all part of the healing as ‘feeling is healing’)
  • A unique way to turn physical symptoms and emotional stressors into setting an empowering goal or intention and how to use a context in a balance
  • Circuit retaining mode and jaw stacking for holding depth in a balance
  • Emotional stress release (ESR)
  • Willingness statements
  • Connection Points – Spirit / Body-Heart / Mind / Earth
  • Age recession to age of cause or age of best understanding
  • Muscle reflex testing for involvement of self, others, circumstance, spirit
  • How to test for emotions held in the body
  • What Finger Modes are and how to use the most common basic finger modes including more, priority, time, suppression, plus all correction remedy finger modes
  • How to tap into all the senses – sight, hearing, feeling, smell, taste, intuition
  • All about and how to use natural healing remedies in kinesiology balances including essential oils, crystals, colour, sound, flower essences, wellbeing balancing oils, clearing spray, affirmations, emotional stress release, oracle healing cards and so much more.
  • Kinesiology self testing with “yes” or “no” answers and how to use a pendulum for self-testing
  • Full setup balancing protocol including a step-by-step easy to follow template to use on clients
  • Plenty of practice time on massage tables to feel comfortable and confident attending other advanced kinesiology courses.

Course Hours:
16 hours – face-to-face classroom hours, 11 hours – Out of class time which includes an online assessment and 6 x case studies. Total Course Proficiency Hours = 27 hours

Learn Touch for Health® (TFHK)

Learn Kinesiology Touch for Health (TFHK)

Touch for Health® Kinesiology (TFHK ) is an internationally certified system of 14 movements for balancing posture, vitality, and wellness

Touch for Health is the most widely used system of kinesiology in the world, so begin your exciting career today. TFHK is recognised and respected as a fundamental training for other kinesiology systems as well as a healing modality in it's own right. 

You will learn 14 muscle tests, how they relate to specific emotions, an organ, an acupuncture meridian, and specific nutritional needs. The 14 systems state of balance is identified and non-invasive techniques such as reflex stimulation, meridian energy work, emotional stress release and suggested nutrition are offered.

Launched in 1973 this is a worldwide movement with a holistic approach to health which teaches the restoring of our natural body wisdom energies, a safe and effective way to maintain health, enhance well-being and upgrade performance. 

Course Hours: Touch for Health Level 1&2 taught over 2 x two-day workshops (16 hours each level).

Prerequisite: None – everyone welcome 🙂   | Investment: $900 inc. GST | Certified: 32 hours