My Body Wisdom journey

My Body Wisdom Journey

My Qualifications

Emotions & Metaphysical Kinesiology Practitioner & Instructor: Emotions and Metaphysical Kinesiology place a strong emphasis on the emotional significance behind stress. Using non-invasive, gentle, yet powerful techniques to instantly access holistic information held in our subconscious mind we identify and locate energy blockages and imbalances within our physical and metaphysical being.

Neuro Linguistic Kinesiology: An adaptation of the behavioural philosophies of Neuro-Linguistic Programming this Kinesiology model looks at how people take in information, how they deal with it, and how they act on it. Blending counselling, coaching and change work with the bodywork of kinesiology.

Sabotage Clearing Kinesiology: Sabotage Clearing Kinesiology identifies unhelpful subconscious programs held in the energetic body and offers releasing techniques to remove the energetic tension that blocks your alignment or innate life force. 

Allergies and Sensitivities Wellness: Vial Testing information for Kinesiologists. Supporting the systems of the body and their energy pathways to function optimally by identifying and addressing problematic foods, toxins, infections or nutrient deficiencies. 

TFH Kinesiology Instructor: Being an Instructor supports me to share this balancing 14 acupuncture meridian energy systems to you and your family and friends for energy vitality. It is international certified as fundamental training for Kinesiology.

Certificate in Natural Therapies: Covering aspects of Nutrition, Anatomy and Physiology, Naturopathy and Herbal Studies. With the focus on recovery, understanding the importance of client assessment and developing helpful treatment plans.

Therapeutic and Relaxation Bodywork: Relaxation Massage and Diploma of Therapeutic Massage. Learning to assess the body, problem-solve and apply clinical reasoning alongside knowledge of anatomy, physiology and pathophysiology.

My passion

With Kinesiology and now my passion for Body Wisdom I have the tools I need to create change in my life and in others. As a gymnast, my favourite subject was PE and health studies yet I followed the traditional 'must do' and pursued a career in management, the NZ film industry and managing fine luxury lodges. It was here that I learnt the foundations of reading and supporting others which then led me to study massage.

Allene Gibson

Mastering bodywork led me to open doors to a new modality, one that allowed me to learn to communicate with the inner messages my own unique body, and one that was teaching me how I could respond with confidence to the changes of life I was working on to create balance within my blended family. 

I quickly identified my own unhealthy patterns of self criticism and perfectionism, of how my habit of self care was consistently put aside for the needs of others who I believed were far more important than me. 

With Kinesiology and now my passion for Body Wisdom I have the tools I need to create change in my life and in the lives of others. 

Exploring natural therapies, bodywork and a quest for inner knowledge led me to understand that a state of stress, trauma, unprocessed emotions, limiting beliefs and subconscious blocks can keep us from being the healthy, happy people we were meant to be. 

I am offering you a link to better communication with your own wellness, your own inner peace for you to reconnect with your own power. 

Kinesiology Healing

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