What is Kinesiology?


Every thought we think is creating our future. 

Today our environments are busy, we are stretching ourselves, stress shows up in many different forms; emotionally, psychological, physical and nutritionally.  Life’s experiences are depositing their tensions deep into our physical bodies. The modern science of Epigenetic's’ explains that your behaviours and environments can cause changes that affect your physical body. 

It has become very important to have attention and intention for your own wellbeing, If people could “just do it,” they would right? If you are at least moderately motivated to make a changes, heal and you aren’t doing it, there must be something in the way, something holding you back — there must be a block of some kind and understanding what this is, the challenge. Life is profoundly personal, personal being the key word, it is a variable.

We overlay the present moment with our memory of the past. ⁣In our perceptions, we overlay our future. The body is always evaluating, processing and never forgets, we ‘file’ every one of those past experiences, emotions, stresses, fears and unfulfilled expectations into our mind and body.

Kinesiology, uses Muscle testing techniques to bypass those standard responses of your conscious mind; to access your unique non-verbal communication pathways that set them up. In essence, we are using one of the body’s languages to communicate with us. Just a non-verbal one!

This therapy enables you to identify your own personal unique resistance points so you can overcome your physical, emotional and mental limitations and allows you to become a co-creator in your own wellness. Kinesiology literally means ‘the study of movement’. For us to change or move any thoughts, belief or perception about ourselves in our lives, we have to have awareness, and be in a non-reactive position to ‘just do it’. If patterns continue to play in the subconscious body or mind those reactions will remain, they will ‘continue to sandpaper you!’.

A Kinesiologist, works with a wide range of issues, because it is ‘the energy’ that reflects in the physiology. Remember “every thought we think is creating our future”.  Most of the work takes place on a massage table whilst your kinesiologist may test one muscle or a combination of muscles to accurately define where stress is located. When a muscle stress response is located your kinesiologist may use a number of vibrational medicine based techniques including holding acupoints, using flower essences or colour, sound tools to release that energy held as tension and correct the imbalance. At all times we are using your own unique non-verbal communication system to bring you awareness to what to integrate and release.

Most clients report feeling lighter and less weighed down upon finishing up a kinesiology session.